The oil swap that SPEEDS SLIMMING

An easy way to send your metabolism soaring: Trade vegetable oil for medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil. Vegetable oil promotes the formation of advanced glycation end products, rogue molecules that speed aging and the stockpiling of extra pounds. But MCT oil can help you look and feel younger by improving blood sugar, ending cravings, lifting brain fog and boosting metabolism. In fact, Columbia University scientists found that women in their 50s who incorporated MCT oil into their daily diet lost 600% more belly fat than those who didn’t.

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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New discovery may SLASH DIABETES

For the more than 35 million adults with type 2 diabetes, help is here: New research out of Italy found a highly absorbable form of vitamin B-3 called niacinamide helps stabilize blood-sugar levels, In their small study, scientists had folks with type 2 diabetes take 500 mg, of niacinamide daily for a month, then drop to 250 mg. per day for another five months. The results: Their blood-sugar levels normalized, even allowing several people to discontinue their diabetes medications. The vitamin improves function of insulin-producing cells in the pancreas.

The surprising way to SLOW AGING

Try pushing back breakfast a bit and eating all your meals within an 8-hour window (for example, between 11 am and 7 pm). Called intermittent fasting, the strategy triggers your body to burn fat for fuel. This not only helps shed pounds, it also boosts the production of key cells known as stem cells. In fact, MIT scientists found that this one dietary change is enough to reverse stem cell decline. Why that’s key: When stem cell production and activation is robust, your body can heal cells, tissue and organs, slowing the aging process so you feel healthy and vital.

The simple way to LOOK & FEEL AGELESS

Beautiful, healthy skin starts from the inside — and one of the best nutrients to nourish skin from head to toe is gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The Healthy fat prevents cellular membranes from drying out, keeping skin smooth and supple. What’s more, it can help soothe even severe skin conditions, such as eczema and psoriasis. In fact, Italian scientists found that supplementing with GLA cut participants’ eczema symptoms by as much as 90%. To ensure your levels are topped up, I advise taking 2,000 mg. of black currant seed oil (which is rich in GLA) daily.

The simple move that PREVENTS FALLS

To boost your balance, act like a flamingo and stand on one leg. British researchers say doing so for a few moments daily trains your brain to react 55% faster if you trip or lose your balance, helping you avoid painful falls. To do: Stand in a doorway with your feet together, then lift one foot off the floor (you can lightly grip the doorframe for support if you feel unsteady); hold the pose for as long as you’re able (the goal is 60 seconds), then switch legs. Once you master the move unaided, try the pose while standing on a soft surface, like a pillow.

The sweet way to TAME ALLERGIES

To outsmart spring allergies, try a daily “dose” of local honey. Finnish scientists found folks who enjoyed birch pollen honey during birch pollen season cut their symptoms by 60% and used half as many antihistamines as those who skipped honey. When bees collect nectar, their bodies get covered in pollen that ends up in honey. And when you consume that trace amount of local pollen daily, it builds immunity to allergens in your area through gradual exposure. Simply savor a spoonful of raw local honey with oatmeal, toast, or fruit daily.

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