Delicious Way to BLAST BELLY FAT

Hemp hearts are a great source of fat-burning gamma-linolenic acid (GLA). The phytonutrient boosts metabolism by activating stores of fat-burning brown fat. The payoff: Women in one study who increased their intake of GLA lost 3 pounds a week without any other lifestyle changes. Nutty and full of flavor. hemp hearts (also called hemp seeds) can be sprinkled over salads, yogurt and oatmeal. They also add a nice creaminess when blended into smoothies. To get the benefits, simply add 2 Tbs. to your daily diet.

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Astrid

    Hemp hearts are so delicious. I like to sprinkle them on cut up apples.

  2. Ramona

    The nutty flavor is wonderful. I’m so glad they have this benefit.

  3. Sara

    I use them in my smoothies. I’m sure it helps me keep my weight down.


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