The surprising way to ERASE SIGNS OF AGING

Cold weather triggers dry skin for millions of women, but thankfully, there’s a simple way to restore your glow: black currant seed oil. It’s rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), a fatty acid that ratchets up skin’s moisture content to diminish wrinkles and sagging. I advise taking two gel capsules of black currant seed oil twice daily. You can also open a capsule and apply it directly to your face and neck both morning and night, letting it soak in before applying moisturizer. Bonus: GLA is proven to cut the liver’s production of cholesterol.

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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The surprising secret to HEALTHY TEETH AND GUMS

Healthy gums block bacteria from traveling through the body, which protects against dementia, heart disease and COVID complications. Now, Danish researchers have found that a toothpaste with CBD oil eliminates 262% more of the bacteria than leading toothpaste brands. What’s more, research has shown that CBD may reduce gum and tooth sensitivity. And because it’s derived from the hemp plant it contains non of the THC that brings on a “high”. One to try: CBDent (

The simple way to SAFEGUARD VISION

A healthy macula is key to seeing vivid colors and crisp detail, but pigment in this area near the center of the eye deteriorates with age. The good news? It’s easy to restore your macula and have sharp vision for years to come! Simply boost your levels of two key antioxidants (lutein and zeaxanthin) that make up this macular pigment. Leafy greens, peas, pumpkins, and other veggies brim with both nutrients, but I suggest a supplement to get the higher amounts needed.

The smart way to KEEP BONES STRONG

While we probably relied on dairy for bone-strengthening calcium in our youth, many women over 50 become lactose sensitive. Kale to the rescue! This super veggie provides up to 64% more calcium than milk, and it’s better absorbed, thanks to kale’s rich stores of K2, a vitamin that steers calcium into bones, where it’s needed. I suggest aiming for three to four servings of kale and other green veggies per week. (Note: Talk to your doctor if you take thyroid or blood-clotting meds since K2 can impact the way they work in your body.)

The kitchen cure that STOPS SINUS PAIN

For the millions of women suffering from sinus pressure triggered by cold, damp weather: Horseradish to the rescue! The root veggie contains a sinus-clearing chemical similar to one found in drugstore decongestants, as well as antibacterial compounds that help prevent infection. And if the bold flavor makes your nose run, that’s a good thing! It helps drain excess sinus fluid. I suggest grating 1 tsp. of fresh horseradish root and chewing it thoroughly for 1 minute. If the flavor is too strong, add the grated root to a salad dressing or sauce instead.

The natural way to KNOCK OUT GOUT

Declining estrogen levels during and after menopause increase the risk of gout. A type of arthritis, gout occurs when uric acid builds up and forms sharp crystals in joints, often in the big toe. Thankfully, there’s a natural fix to sidestep painful flares: tart cherries! They’re rich in nutrients that block crystal formation cutting gout risk by 35%. Drinking tart cherry juice works, but to limit sugar, I suggest a supplement. Take 2 tablets three times daily during an attack, and 1 tablet three times daily for maintenance. Try: Enzymatic Therapy End Pain (

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