The surprising oil that SMOOTHS AWAY DECADES OF AGING

Believe it or not, the oil extracted from broccoli seeds packs the vitamin-rich punch your skin desires. With Vitamin A and linoleic acid to lock in moisture and prevent aging, plus sulforaphane to block harmful UV rays, broccoli seed oil is an all-natural alternative to costly retinol serums and creams. I love it so much that for a limited time, while supplies last, I’m sending a bottle of Brassica Body & Bath Oil to anyone who purchases my new book, Radical Longevity. Visit AnnLouise.coom/bso to get yours!

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Diana

    I’ve tried this oil and love it on my face. It’s helping with fine lines.

  2. Roberta

    I can’t wait to use it as a bath oil. My dry skin needs more help. I have itching.

  3. Evelyn

    Who would have thought that broccoli seeds had oil in them?!? I’m going to try it on my very dry hands and feet, probably on my face too. I can’t get anything to work.


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