The relaxing way to FLUSH OUT LUMPY, BUMPY FAT

The lymphatic system ferries toxins and fluids throughout the body– but when it gets backed up, waste products accumulate beneath the skin, creating bumps and dimples. Luckily, there’s a relaxing way to revive lymphatic circulation: Brush skin with a dry brush in upward motions, starting at the feet and moving up to the thighs for 3 minutes a day. The massage stimulates the lymph system to expel the toxins that create cellulite. The result: smoother legs that will have you slipping into shorts with confidence.

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Susanna

    I’m sure this will help make my skin softer too. So glad to know of this way to help my lymph.

  2. Marilyn

    Another technique to help me detox, this is so helpful.

  3. Cheryl

    So that’s why I have bumpy thighs. I just thought it was fat. This is worth a try.


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