The easy way to END SUGAR CRAVINGS

If you’re like most women, cold weather means more cravings for sweet, sugary foods. The easy fix that’ll reset your appetite: fermented foods. That’s because sauerkraut, kombucha, miso paste and other fermented foods contain probiotic bacteria that colonize the gut, where they release compounds that dial down the brain’s desire for sugar and carbs. Not only that, the bacteria also release compounds that help you digest sugar to stave off bloat, headaches and other not-so-sweet side effects. All it takes is 2Tbs. daily to get the benefits!

An amazing source of probiotics that I would highly recommend is UNI KEY Health’s Flora-Key probiotic supplement. A quick and simple way to get some extra probiotics in your daily routine.

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Ellen

    I had no idea that fermented foods did this. I’m going to start incuding them in my diet. Also I will be ordering the Flora-Key

  2. Gail

    I love sauerkraut and will eat it more often. Didn’t know how good it is!

  3. Sally

    I haven’t heard of miso paste but I do drink Kombucha.

  4. kristin berry

    How does miso retain its probiotic properties when heated into a soup or broth? What is the best way to eat miso and get all the good fermented properties?

  5. TeamRM

    You want to add the miso at the end of making the soup, after removing it from the heat, to help it retain the probiotic properties.


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