Until recently, doctors believed the cartilage that cushions our joints could not be repaired once it was injured. But now new science suggests we can prevent damage to and even heal cartilage. The secret? Bone broth, which is rich in the cartilage-supporting nutrient collagen. In one study, adults who supplemented with collagen for six months reported experiencing 49% less joint pain than those who didn’t. The best bone broth is made at home in a slow cooker, but my favorite brand to buy in the supermarket is Kettle & Fire.

Kettle & Fire’s bone broth provides all of the health benefits of traditional bone broth without the hassle. Every batch is made with bones from 100% grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle that are hormone and antibiotic free. Save 15% off your first order with code ANNLOUISE15. Try Kettle & Fire

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Bill D

    I will try this. I do have pain in my knees. Nothing has helped so far.


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