The 11 Cent Capsule That Will Help You DEFEAT ANY VIRUS
Many viruses, including COVID-19, are enveloped in a protective layer that shields them from our immune system. Luckily, there is an all-natural fix: a fat found in coconut oil called monolaurin. Georgetown University researchers report that monolaurin completely dissolves a virus’ protective layer, so the body can fight off the foreign invaders more quickly. Since simply eating coconut oil doesn’t provide a large enough dose, I recommend taking 1,000 mg of monolaurin twice daily.

For more suggestions on how to fight viruses, see my blog post: Coronavirus: How to Boost Your Immune System and Protect Yourself

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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  1. Shawna

    What an interesting suggestion! Good to know there is a supplement that is strong enough to do this.

    • Liz

      Shawna, Knowing about this gives me a lot of peace of mind. I’m going to start taking it every day.

  2. Kate

    Will this raise cholesteral or what if you have fatty liver?

    • Liz

      Kate, There is no reason that monolaurin should raise cholesterol or create a problem with a fatty liver. To help with a fatty liver and increase detox and smooth bile flow, the Bile Builder supplement is extremely helpful. Here’s the link:

  3. Tori

    Is there a substitute for this? For those that can’t have coconut.

    • Liz

      Tori, Oregano oil also has antiviral propereties and can be taken as a supplement.

  4. Dawn L Boehm

    is this supplemt ok to take if you have fattuy liver disease, and cholersterol issues. is there an alternative and would 1000 mg be ok per day alos if you have leaky gut endotoxemia will it have a negative effect

    • Liz

      Dawn, We can’t give you medical advice, but there is no contraindication taking monolauren with any of the conditions you mentioned. One thousand to two thousand mg. will be an acceptable amount.

  5. Shirley Strait

    How do I order the 11Cent capsule for COVID?

  6. Barry

    Thank you. I will order some of this supplement.


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