Non-Toxic Methods of Coloring Your Hair

As seen in Woman’s World magazine! As important as what we eat, what we put onto our skin — including our scalp — can significantly impact our health.  It’s just hair, right? Not so fast. While a bad haircut may be something you can easily recover from, the use of hair dyes can be an entirely different story.

There are new companies making strides when it comes to offering non-toxic solutions, as well as DIY tricks and non-toxic solutions like this one: “To add depth and glisten to redheads, try a carrot, beet and ginger mix. Combine a half cup of carrot juice plus half cup a cup of beet juice with a teaspoon of grated or powdered ginger, and apply carefully to damp clean hair. Wrap up with a dark towel, sit for 10 minutes, then rinse well with cool water followed by a light shampoo.


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