As seen in Woman’s World magazine! Flu season is predicted to be worse this year than last year. To boost your body’s defenses against viral invaders, I suggest getting more glutathione, an immunity-strengthening antioxidant. The natural compound also helps the liver flush toxins, which decreases the severity of symptoms and helps speed healing if you do become ill. To get the benefits deliciously,enjoy half of a medium avocado, one of nature’s best sources of glutathione. Slice it on a salad daily or mash it up to great guacamole!

For more tips on fighting the flu and colds, check out my YouTube video: Easy Natural Ways to Fight Colds and Flu, Sleep Through the Night, Stop Bone Loss… and MORE!

Courtesy of Ann Louise

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If you’re battling tiredness, brain fog, and bloat, parasites could be to blame. Our favorite swimming holes this past summer (and even our pets) may have exposed us to these invaders, which doctors rarely diagnose. Women over 50 are most at risk since levels of parasite-destroying stomach acid drop with age. I recommend black walnut and cloves to restore energy. Both contain antimicrobial agents that kill parasites, their larvae, and eggs. To try: Verma-Plus (, which delivers the ingredients in a tincture you add to water.

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