“I lost 10 lbs and feel so much better!”

“I’ve been a notoriously slow loser but this worked! ]I had great success on the 4 Day Radical Detox. It was difficult, but I lost 10 lbs and felt so much less bloated. A couple of people remarked, “Well, that’s probably just water weight.” My reply: “Yay! I didn’t need that extra water!!” (Or the toxins bogging me down that were flushed away with it.)

Since then, I’ve been following a modified version of the Quick Start that suits my busy schedule – a smoothie for breakfast and lunch, a boiled egg and veggies for snacks, and a RM Friendly dinner with plenty of bitter greens in a salad or steamed veggie on the side. My body has been slowly but steadily losing weight – 1 to 2 pounds per week.

Ever since peri- and then actual menopause, I’ve been a notoriously slow loser and have dealt with blood sugar and thyroid issues and over stressed adrenals. Fat Flush – both the Smoothie Shakedown and the regular program helped me lose 20 lbs which I kept off for 3 years. But I needed Radical Metabolism to help me breakthrough to losing the rest of my excess weight. I’m transitioning to the regular RM program on Monday, following Ann Louise’s advice to make adjustments to emphasize liver cleansing for a month.

My points? Make the program work for you! Modify if you need to. Don’t let yourself be discouraged by any negative feedback. Stay the course and be determined to become to best You you can be!”

Theresa B.


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