“Cindi’s One Year Anniversary!”
“I’ve lost almost 60 lbs!”

Cindi L.

“A quick recap of my journey… after several years of nothing working due to menopause, no gallbladder, stress and a high sugar diet, I’ve lost almost 60 lbs. and have easily kept it off following the RM way of life and maintenance protocol. I’m happy to say that even the occasional ‘celebration’ does not affect my weight loss. I feel like me again!  The health benefits continue to amaze me. I’m still no longer pre-diabetic, no more migraines, don’t need my asthma inhaler, blood pressure normal, and my joints no longer ache. I also have lots of energy and my skin looks great. I’m faithful to this way of life and it has paid off.

I am honored to be included as one of the success stories in a ‘First for Women’ magazine article, in the Fall issue, on Ann Louise and her life changing book Radical Metabolism. Right in time for my 55th birthday!”

Cindi L.


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